Friday, March 2, 2012

Calls out for Justice

There is a $10,000.00 reward.

Someone, somewhere, knows who did this.

Either 'man-up' and confess or out the person who did this and claim the reward.

By remaining silent her blood is on your hands as well.

Unsolved murder haunts veteran detective
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

Even after nearly a decade, the unsolved fatal shooting of a local hairstylist as she drove on the Northwest Side still irks a San Antonio Police Department homicide detective.

“Very seldom do you have an innocent victim murdered in San Antonio,” said Detective Raymond Roberts, the lead detective investigating the nearly decade-old slaying of Cheryl Bertelson, 29. “All of my open cases stick in my head, but this one in particular, because she was just driving home, minding her own business.”

Bertelson's slaying is one of nine cold cases being featured in a weekly SAPD and San Antonio Crime Stoppers series. Digital billboards throughout San Antonio have featured her picture and information about her case, along with an offer of $10,000 — double the reward Crime Stoppers usually offers — for information that leads to an arrest or an indictment in connection with it.