Saturday, April 2, 2011

To think, that ere I'd see; a poem written by someone other than thee

Okay, so you have prisoner's submitting poetry to a prisoner's magazine.

You'd figure the odds are fairly high that someone would "cheat" and submit a wholly plagiarized poem.

And, you'd be right!

Inmates seek justice for Philip Larkin poem that won second place
A prisoner who copied a poem by Philip Larkin in a bid to win a poetry competition was caught out after fellow inmates spotted the plagiarism.
The Telegraph - 

Sergio Lapa, 36, was initially awarded second place in a poetry competition in the prisoner's magazine Inside Time.

The prisoner, who is awaiting trial at HMP Norwich on a charge of attempted murder, entered a poem called In Bed in his attempt to win the £25 prize in the March edition of the magazine.

But he was caught out when at least eight prisoners spotted the poem was an exact copy of Philip Larkin's poem Talking In Bed.

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