Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sign the petition

Hmmm? I think its a good idea but I also think it should be done with a license to carry and approved holsters only. Would a Mumbai-like attack have been less severe? Where even the police had no weapons?

Like the holsters worn by Law Enforcement officers which can help prevent the gun from being taken. There will also have to be some sort of badge or the like so the police can readily see if a person is licensed to carry.

Also put in the statute that an officer does not need reasonable suspicion to detain and make inquiry of anyone openly carrying a handgun.

If you are a Texas resident, you can sign the online petition found here:

Campaign under way to allow Texans to openly carry firearms
By Christopher Heath - KENS 5 Eyewitness News

Along the highways and on the airwaves, a new ad campaign is underway to allow Texans to carry firearms out in the open, but not everyone is sold on the idea.
The campaign is asking people to sign an online petition to pressure the state to pass laws allowing for the open possession of firearms.

The ad, which began running Tuesday, is paid for by, the same group that paid for a billboard on Interstate 35, just north of San Antonio, with the same message.
You might think gun owners would say that is a great thing, but those who know guns the best say, "Not so fast."

Gun storeowner and concealed handgun instructor Jerry McCall is opposed to open carry.
He says police, who carry their guns out in the open, use more expensive holsters that secure the gun in three places, making it less likely that a criminal can steal it and use it against them.

But not everyone pays for the better, more expensive holsters, making them and their gun a target to a potential criminal.
"There is that gun sticking out for the whole world to grab, and all it takes is one idiot," McCall said.

State Rep. Jose Menedez doubts that even with the billboard and radio ads there is enough support to get the measure through the legislature.
"We've got a lot bigger fish to fry than whether or not we have open carry in Texas or not," he said.