Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cold day in Hell


WHAT!!? Are there no availible women in Kentucky?? This is who men are swooning over to marry!! OMG!!

What? I'm just sayin'.

Serial Bride Wanted

CINCINNATI -- The first female ever to be convicted of bigamy in Kentucky is on the run after allegedly marrying again.
After nine years, one of her husbands said that he still can't get her to divorce him.
Robert Parchman has been engaged for almost eight years and he said it's not cold feet that's holding him back.

His fiancé won't wear his ring until his wife stops wearing his name.
"The third time she got married, she got caught and thrown in jail," Parchman said.
The not-so-happy husband said that his wife has been marrying other men for the past decade.
His wife, Barbara Ann Moore, is still on the run and facing charges.

Moore married Parchman first, then Raymond Moore Jr. and then David Denney.
After saying "I do," in 1999, she spend part of her honeymoon in the Covington jail.
Parch said that she's been in jail several times since but she gets free again before he can get the divorce papers to her cell.

"She didn't show up for her latest probation hearing and there's a warrant out for her arrest," Commonwealth Attorney of Kenton County Rob Sanders said. "Getting married is complicated enough -- being married to three people at one time is an untenable situation for everybody."
Parchman said there may be a fourth husband because he heard that Moore was married again in Cincinnati.