Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wilkommen !! Come celebrate 50 years of Wurstfest!

Wurstfest starts this Friday, October 29th and runs through Sunday, November 7th.

Come join us for the annual 10 day festival of good fun and times, good food and good music.

I'll be working at the Republican Women's booth on Tuesday evening frying up pickles. 

Stop by and say Howdy!

Traditional German attire in demand for Wurstfest
NEW BRAUNFELS — Finding the right dirndl or the perfect lederhosen to dress up for Wurstfest is not the easiest thing to do — especially in New Braunfels, where the supply of German clothes is surprisingly limited.
Since the festival begins Friday, time is running short to find a costume, but here’s a start:

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