Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wade or Rust?

The wonderful choice for the citizens living in Comal County JP Precinct #3

The citizens who reside in Comal County Justice of the Peace Precinct #3 are facing an embarassment of richness this election cycle.  One that many other communities around Texas and the rest of the Country wish they had.

Two very good individuals to choose from for Judge in the JP #3 race here in Comal County.

A brief disclaimer.  I know both men, and consider them to be friends of mine.

Wade Arledge, the Democrat, is a criminal defense attorney who is passionate about the constitutional rights of defendants however he is also sensitive to the plight of the victims of crime.  He will bring legal acumen to the bench (a JP Judge in Texas does not have to be an attorney however) and all who would appear would be given a fair trial and the opportunity to be heard.

Mike Rust, the Republican, is a former Lieutenant who retired two or so years ago from the New Braunfels Police Department.  When I first met Mike in 2005, he was the head of CID (Criminal Investigations Division) at the PD.  I was doing, as part of my job, the felony intake and preparing matters to present to the Grand Jury.  Mike ran a very professional department; I was impressed at the high level of work product that came out of it.  (To be frank, I was a little surprised, having come from Bexar County, I expected a more mundane department in a small county)  Many times Mike would send cases back to the patrol officers for more investigation or agree that the "leg" work was not up to snuff or even that the officers overstepped their bounds in making the case.

So, a wonderful choice for the lucky citizens of JP Precinct #3 of Comal County.

Both men will serve the citizens well and both will make an excellent JP Judge.  Its a win/win situation for Comal County no matter which man gets chosen.

Good luck Gentlemen!


Man o' Law