Saturday, October 16, 2010

KMA!! Yeah you!

And you wonder why kids act the way they do?

School investigates bare-bottom display
Woman accused of dropping pants on school grounds

Reporter: Crystal Gutierrez - KQRE

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - An argument over student drop-off zones outside an Albuquerque school heated up as kindergarteners watched until a woman dropped her drawers showing a mother what she could kiss, according to a parent who said she witnessed the incident.

The concerned parent, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, said it happened around 9 a.m. on Tuesday at Alvarado Elementary School.

The parent said she was dropping off her daughter when a woman was spotted in the wrong drop-off area. An argument between the woman and another parent ensued. The concerned parent said the verbal disagreement grew louder and louder.

“Very loud, to the point where the crossing guard came up to see what was going on,” the concerned parent said.

The woman started shouting profanities and made it clear she was not leaving.
However, no one ever expected what happened next.

“She dropped her pants, fully exposing her buttocks and other areas; underwear and everything,” the parent said.

It did not end there. According to the witness, the woman then slapped her exposed rear end and told the other parent what she should kiss.

“Basically said kiss my *** and F-off,” the parent said.

The parent said it happened right in front of the kindergarten playground with kids, parents and even a crossing guard as witnesses. She said the woman bent over so far that she saw a lot more than just the lady’s rear end and so did her daughter.

“She proceeded to say, ‘Gross, Mommy. What is she doing?’” the parent said. “Very upset. I think that is what has got me the most is that school grounds are supposed to be protected grounds. That's where it's safe haven for children.”

Albuquerque Public Schools Police Department detectives are investigating. They said they do not know if the woman was a parent or a family friend. The concerned parent said even if the woman wasn’t a parent, she should have known better.

“There would be repercussions for students if they had done this,” the parent said. “We don’t get into a heated argument and take [off] our clothes.”

The concerned parent said APS detectives told her it is not a crime to expose one's buttocks, if that is all that is exposed. However, the parent claimed the woman did show more. If that was the case, she will face criminal charges.
APS police would not say if they have tracked down the mooner.