Monday, October 4, 2010

Hide and seek

Something I always worry about.

Stolen laptops or phones.

Lost mobiles, laptops give companies the jitters

The Times of India -

NEW DELHI: Sonali Rathore was partly at fault. In March, she'd gone to a West Delhi internet cafe to get her passport photocopied and set her two mobiles down on a table. She left her passport and phones behind. Realizing, she dashed back. It's not hard to guess which she found and which she lost.

"I lost all phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays and anniversaries of contacts, photographs, presentations, everything," says an exasperated Rathore who works in sales. She re-gathered phone numbers, questioned students who were there; and filed an FIR but to no avail.

But a stolen mobile, PDA or laptop is not just the owner's headache. A 2010 survey on "Millennial Mobile Workforce and Data Loss" conducted by Symantec shows that 59% organizations worry about employees losing laptops and mobile phones too. For, at risk are financial and enterprise data, customers' credit card information, employee details, research and other information that, when lost, can mean trouble.

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