Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ralph Kramden wouldn't be driving a bus these days

The world goes more crazy still.

You don't pay, then demand a free transfer and stab the bus driver to death?

I hope this guy is found soon.

NYC Bus Driver Stabbed To Death In Front Of Riders
Police: Argument Over $2 Transfer Slip Ends In Horror
Edwin Thomas, 46, Remembered As Credit To His Profession
ReportingMary Calvi

BROOKLYN (CBS) ― Police said a New York City bus driver was stabbed to death Monday afternoon by a rider apparently angry over not receiving a free transfer. The driver of the B-46 bus, identified as 46-year-old Edwin Thomas, was operating the bus in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and picked up the suspect around 12:30 p.m. Monday at Malcolm X Boulevard near Gates Avenue.

Police said the man swiped an invalid fare card and sat down on the bus, then asked for a transfer slip usually available to riders. Police told CBS 2 HD that when the driver told the man that he didn't pay for the ride and couldn't get a transfer, the man punched the driver in the head and stabbed him to death while other riders looked on.

"It's crazy because, I mean, the bus driver was cool," witness Benjamin Stacking said. "He let me on. I was 50 cents short and he still let me on and gave me a transfer, so that's kind of crazy. "No reason to stab a bus driver if you are broke or have no money and can't get a transfer. No reason to stab a person."