Monday, December 1, 2008

Nope, no drunk here

"No, no, just your shoes, the shoes."

She weren't drunk, too much.

DUI suspect strips when asked to remove her shoes

OCALA - A 41-year-old Ocala woman who was taken to the Marion County Jail on suspicion of driving under the influence, stripped naked at the jail when asked to take off her shoes, according to sheriff's deputies.

The booking deputy reported that she told Tina M. Boggess, a Holiday Inn Travel employee, to remove her shoes while she was in the holding area, according to a Sheriff's Office report. Instead, the woman unzipped her pants, pulled them down and began removing her clothing.
The arresting deputy said Boggess had to hold onto the wall to take off her clothes because she could not maintain her balance.

Boggess took a breath test and blew an estimated blood alcohol level of .157 and a .151, nearly twice the state's legal limit for driving.

Boggess had been taken to the jail because a deputy clocked her doing 82 in a 40 mph zone in the 4700 block of Northwest 44th Avenue, according to the report. Boggess was driving erratically when she was pulled over by Deputy Micah Moore.

Detecting a strong odor of alcohol, the deputy asked for her license. She reportedly told the deputy she had drunk three or four beers.
She also reportedly told Moore, "I know I've been drinking, but I'm not [expletive] up." (She apparently lied)

Boggess took and failed a field sobriety test, and was taken to the jail, according to the report. It's her first DUI arrest.