Sunday, October 4, 2009

Have wreck, will hassle

Another chip taken out of what was once a noble profession.

Attorneys once were looked up to, we helped people who truly needed help, we upheld their rights, drafted their contracts, conveyed their property, and distributed their wealth in wills.

Now we have TV commercials which are loud and obnoxious, jackasses braying for your attention and promising wealth beyond your wildest dreams for the scratch you got in minor fender bender.

I knew attorneys who had a "runner" who wooed several different nurses and employees at several different hospital ER rooms so they would get access to who had car wrecks and the like.

My wife, who worked as a nurse in a hospital in Houston, recalled the time she left a patient's room and came back a few minutes later and the man, who had been in a car wreck and was in traction, had several lawyer's business cards laying on his chest. She also told of pizzas delivered to the floor to the staff with notes from lawyers and cards suggesting referral fees, taped inside the lids of the pizza boxes.

Pretty reprehensible stuff.

Yeah, yeah, I know, you have to make a living, or you have enormous law school bills to pay off, but Dudes, have some honor and try to work with dignity.

BTW, that is a picture of a real ad from California.

I would suggest the State Bar crack down on these practices to help discourage them.

Ambulance chasing thrives
By John MacCormack - Express-News

Alex Garza said the bombardment of urgent phone calls and unannounced home visits began shortly after he was rear-ended in a minor wreck on South Brazos Street in January.

“They were very pushy. They called my mom's cell phone. They would go to my mom's house, too,” he said.

One caller, who Garza said claimed to be from “the insurance company,” finally convinced him to go to a West Side chiropractic clinic for “free treatment.”

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