Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can you say frivolous lawsuit boys and girls?

This is a suit which should go nowhere.

I'll be kind and say he might need a psychiatric evaluation as well.

Former D.A. sues former A.G., others

BROWNSVILLE — The former Willacy County district attorney who drew national attention for indicting a cast of public officials including the U.S. vice president now has filed a federal lawsuit seeking damages from former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, state Sen. Eddie Lucio and 31 other defendants.

In a rambling, 35-page petition, Juan Angel Guerra claimed the defendants played various roles in inflicting emotional distress and forcing him out of office.

It's the latest chapter in Guerra's maverick campaign — he calls it “Operation Goliath” — to unearth what he says is a White House-led conspiracy of payoffs, kickbacks and cover-ups surrounding privately run detention centers and prisons.

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