Friday, October 9, 2009

No. You can't say no!

The timing of this is a little strange.

On the one hand it is the start of the Gruene Music and Wine Fest, but then, on the other hand, what better time to have a no-refusal weekend?

Police make blood tests mandatory


The New Braunfels Police Department will ramp up its efforts this weekend to crack down on drunken driving.

The NBPD will enforce its first-ever “no refusal” weekend beginning tonight — meaning police will be taking blood samples from suspected drunken drivers who refuse testing.

“We’re just trying to send a message to everyone out there to think twice before drinking and driving,” said Lt. John Wells.

Local judges will be on call this weekend to sign warrants to take blood from drivers who won’t consent to testing.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Guadalupe County will also participate.

“With Texas leading the nation in drunk driving fatalities, we wanted to do our part to prevent them,” Wells said. “We won’t tolerate it, and we’ll do whatever we can to keep people safe.”

“No refusal” weekend will continue through Sunday night.