Thursday, October 15, 2009

Judge William Wayne Justice

A courageous Judge, some would say.

An out of control Judge, others would say.

I had met him in Tyler, Texas as he knew my wife's family and I had occasion at times to appear in Federal court before him.

He left Texas a better place in many ways, in my opinion.

Rest in peace, Judge Justice.

District judge often was at eye of storm
By R.G. Ratcliffe and Janet Elliott - Houston Chronicle

AUSTIN — U.S. District Judge William Wayne Justice — beloved by some, loathed by others — changed Texas civil rights, including those of prison inmates, in ways few political figures have over the past half-century.

Justice, who spent 30 years on the bench and once was dubbed “the real governor of Texas” for his rulings, died Tuesday at age 89.

African American children across Texas attend public schools because Justice enforced federal desegregation laws in 1970.

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