Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reporter charged with drug possession

Well, particularly if this is his first case, I hope he gets into the drug court and gets the help he so obviously needs.

I hope he gets to keep his job too.

I do not know the fellow personally although I have posted stories by him in the past. Good luck Jeorge.

Express-News employee charged with cocaine possession

A San Antonio Express-News reporter was arrested early Saturday near San Antonio College and charged with cocaine possession.

Staff Writer Jeorge Zarazua, 37, was released a few hours later after posting $4,000 bail. He faces one count of possession of a controlled substance from 1-4 grams, a third-degree felony.

San Antonio police said Zarazua was arrested just after midnight on Ogden Street. Zarazua, who has been with the Express-News since 2002, covers U.S. Census issues and general assignments. He remains on the Express-News staff pending further review of his case, editors said Monday.

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