Monday, February 14, 2011

Fueding down under?

Is it just like the Hatfields and McCoy's?

Not really, its in Australia.

But apparently its quite the family.

Three wounded in shooting  linked to Ibrahims
By Nick Ralston - Sydney Morning-Herals

A MEETING in a Sydney street arranged to settle a dispute between two groups of men has led to another shooting linked to the Ibrahim family.

A group of five men - including John and Sam Ibrahim's nephew, Hassan ''Sam'' Sayour, and their cousin, Gehad Hamid - were asked to meet three other men just before 8.30pm on Sunday in The Promenade, Old Guildford.

After a short conversation between the two groups, one of the men in the trio pulled out a .22 calibre pistol and fired eight shots at the five men.

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