Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day around the world

There are some lucky fellows out there.

Romance on the cards - at a price
China Daily -

BEIJING - Following hard on the heels of a record spending binge by the Chinese over Spring Festival of 404.5 billion yuan ($61.29 billion), another shopping season has arrived with Valentine's Day and the traditional Lantern Festival both occurring this week.

Bookings have been in full swing at Laitai Flower Market, Beijing's biggest flower market, for Valentine's Day on Feb 14.

"We have received more than 100 orders a day recently," said Yin Ping, a flower retailer at the market.

Last Wednesday a single rose could be bought and sent on Valentine's Day for 8 yuan plus delivery charges. The cost of taking one away was 4.5 yuan. It is expected that the price for sending a rose, excluding delivery charges, will rise to more than 10 yuan on the big day.

"The price on the morning of Feb 14 is highly likely to be more expensive based on the current booking situation. It is almost double the price of last year," Yin said.

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