Monday, February 7, 2011

I don't love you anymore

It is always a sad thing when a love affair ends.

Go and never darken my door again.

Angry man attacks own car
Associated Press -

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Cedar Rapids police arrested an angry man who took a crowbar to the windows of his own car.

Police say it had been up on blocks for more than 90 days, violating a city ordinance.

The Gazette of Cedar Rapids says 39-year-old Scott Gillis told an officer Thursday that she wasn’t going to have his car taken away, and he grabbed the crowbar and began smashing his car’s windows.

Sgt. Robert Collins says Gillis “was screaming and going crazy,” so he was arrested on suspicion of interference with official acts and disorderly conduct. Nobody was injured.

Gillis said Friday that he had stored the car for the winter on blocks in his yard and that he was unaware it was in violation.

He says he doesn’t want it back, either.