Sunday, October 28, 2012


Just a tasty reminder.

Wurstfest begins Friday and lasts 10 days!

I will be working at the Comal County Republican Women's Fried Pickle booth on Tuesday night, election eve.

Go vote and come get some fried pickles after!

Rotary Club serving up sixth year of potato pancakes

NEW BRAUNFELS — When New Braunfels Rotary Club members first considered heading up the extremely popular potato pancake booth at Wurstfest, long-time Rotary Club member and food caterer Kathy Meurin told them, “You don’t want to work that hard.”

Meurin knew the tremendous amount of work that goes into preparing the kartoffel puffers.

“It takes 12 of us to work the booth during a normal shift,” Meurin said. “It takes 15 to 16 to work the booth when it gets really busy.”

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