Monday, July 9, 2012

Loser in in high school still apparently a loser 20 years later

I think he needs some serious shrink time.

Yeah ok it may of been mean of me to post the headline I did but really, 20 years later you can't let go?

Man accused of thretening classmates before 20-year reunion
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

Twenty years after he claims to have been bullied in high school, a man allegedly threatened vengeance on his classmates on his high school reunion's Facebook page, officials said.

Jason Carroll Moss, 38, was released on a personal recognizance bond early Saturday, hours after he was charged with harassment.

Moss is accused of posting a harassing message on the social network page for the John Marshall High School Class of 1992 Reunion, which was held this weekend.

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