Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Disgrace to the uniform

Pretty disgraceful behavior.

Reasons for firings by DPS revealed
By James Pinkerton - Houston Chronicle

One Texas Department of Public Safety trooper forced a kiss on a stopped driver. Another used his uniform to get a girlfriend released from jail. There was the trooper who took an inspection sticker off his patrol vehicle and stuck it on his personal car.

These were among a handful of offenses that DPS cited for firing 37 employees since 2010 including patrolmen, investigators and analysts for everything from drunken driving to drug possession to watching porn online while on the job, according to recently obtained agency records.

Even a Texas Ranger, one of the most prestigious and highly vetted law enforcement positions in the state, was forced to turn in his badge last year after authorities arrested him on allegations of domestic violence, DPS records show. The charge was brought against ranger Juan E. Lozano, who was stationed in McAllen when he was fired in January 2011. He could not be reached for comment.

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