Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dave Thomas must be spinning in his grave

He got 21 years in the Federal Pen for selling child porn at Wendy's.


BTW that's Dave Thomas in the photo not the kiddie-porn dude.

Child porn sold through Wendy's drive-through
'Scooby-Doo' meant a side of kiddie porn.
By Guillermo Contreras - Express-News

Saying “Scooby Doo” at the drive-through window of a North Side Wendy's might have brought certain patrons something extra in their fries — a memory card with videos of child pornography.

Asking for “chiva” at an East Side restaurant, Anna's CafĂ©, wouldn't have brought out an order of goat meat, but an illicit delivery of heroin.

The off-the-menu items stood out Wednesday among the run-of-the-mill details in a docket of immigration violators, gun smugglers and drug peddlers in line for sentencing in front of U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez.

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