Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another baby sacrificed at the altar of his parent's stupidy


Don't do this please.

How many more babies have to die because of their parent's sheer stupidity?

Texas baby left in hot car dies 
By Robert Kolarik - Express-News

A 2-month-old whose mother left him in a hot car in Brazoria County has died, KHOU-TV is reporting.

The family was celebrating another child’s baptism on Sunday, and the mother left twice to run errands, taking the baby with her, the Houston station says. The second time she returned, she left the little boy inside the car in the 90-degree-plus heat.

The baby died less than 24 hours later, KHOU says.

“Right now, we’re basically trying to determine whether or not the mother was negligent by leaving her child in the car,” Brian Harper, an investigator for the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office, told the station.

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