Saturday, July 21, 2012

He's swung his last bat and he struck out

Lucky he was able to get "only" 20 years on his plea when his co-defendant had gotten 57 years from a jury.

Deadly assault with bat nets 20 years, despite false confession claim
By Craig Kapitan - Express-news

A homeless San Antonio man who has spent the past five years in jail awaiting trial in the baseball bat bludgeoning death of a West Side business owner was sentence Friday to 20 years in prison, despite a last-minute claim that he gave a false confession.

The prison term was the maximum state District Judge Ron Rangel could assess for Matthew Scott Gravlin, 23, whose murder charge was reduced to aggravated assault last month by prosecutors in exchange for his no-contest plea.

Accomplice Christopher Rosales was convicted of murder by a jury in 2009 and ordered to serve 57 years.

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