Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pass the bond election for the new Comal County Justice Center

I found that this letter to the editor says what I think about those who oppose the bonds to build a new Comal County Justice Center.  They have spread much misinformation about the structure and the need to have one. 

They have told false tales about, for example, Bexar County having built a court across the street from the Bexar County jail to handle prisoners rather than transporting them to a jail located a few miles away.

What they neglect to say is that the "Court" is a trailer that only handles misdemeanor prisoners who are predominantly "time-served".  Meaning they plead guilty and for the most part they have already served their time and are discharged that day or soon after.

The felony defendants, along with many other misdemeanor defendants, who are housed in the jail are still transported everyday 2-3 miles to the Bexar County Justice Center to have their cases handled. 

Left unstated is that the Bexar County Justice Center's security, in both the transportation and holding the prisoners secure, far exceeds the security presently at the Comal County Courthouse and Annex.  None of that is addressed by the opponents.

Sure, maybe no one has been attacked or shot here at the Courthouse yet.  Would you rather not plan at all?

Would you rather someone be wounded or killed?

So stop attacking the folks who state their opinion in the letter section of the paper.  Oh, and by the way, it smacks of desperation on your part.

Character assassination by justice center opponents disturbing

I found Mr. Valentine’s recent letter implying that elected county officials were committing ethical violations of the law by writing letters to the editor very disturbing. I think it would be a concern to every Texan to find out there was a law in Texas that would violate someone’s right to free speech so blatantly.

So I searched through the election law of our state and found no such restriction when it comes to electioneering. Aside from the 100 feet from the polling place rule and the rule governing the use of sound systems, the only rule governing electioneering and a governing body is one regarding school board trustees and the prohibition on the use of school funds and resources in the advocacy of a bond issue.

Now, I’m sure that campaign finance rules govern the use of county time, money and resources in regards to elections. It seems to me that county officials have been very prudent in respect to avoiding violation of or even the appearance of violation of campaign finance laws. The notion that someone cannot advocate a position on his or her own time is preposterous.

What I find disconcerting is the constant attempt at character assassination that opponents of the justice center continually engage in.

If Mr. Valentine were really interested in the facts, he would stick to them. Unfortunately, the best argument he seems to have for his opponents is “shut up!”

Jefferson Binford