Friday, May 28, 2010

Yessir, that's some nice Ass

 Persian Wild AssHe apparently didn't have safety search on.

No wonder so many folks are addicted to doing crossword puzzles.

Web Porn?  But I was only after wild Asisan Ass
By Kamie Pyatt-

A Crossword fan aged 89 used an internet search to solve a clue about a donkey - and was bombarded with hard-core porn.

Jack Sedgewick got stuck on 14 across: "Wild asian ass."

The great-grandad typed "asian ass" into Yahoo's search engine in the hope of finding the answer to the newspaper poser.

But he was stunned when it threw up dozens of porn sites displaying photos of naked Asian girls. One offered "the hottest spicy asian ass you'll ever see".

Ex-engineer Jack said: "I was shaken. The images were horrendous. I didn't know this sort of stuff existed."

After trying variations on the theme with the same result, frantic Jack finally found the answer by changing his search to "donkey sanctuaries".

It was "onager" - sometimes known as "Wild Ass Asian" and found in deserts from the Mid East to Tibet.