Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Seems kinda nervy, no?

I mean you take off of work on medical leave, dip into the County Employee sick leave pool all while you are running for office?

Now you're suing Kendall County under the FMLA?

Oh well, good luck with that.

Former candidate files complaint
SA Express News -

BOERNE — Complaints of discrimination and retaliation have been filed against Kendall County by a former deputy county clerk who was dismissed this month after exhausting her sick days and not returning to work, officials say.

County Attorney Don Allee defended the handling of Angie San Miguel, who went on medical leave in January but campaigned unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for district clerk in the March primary.

“We’ve bent over backwards to accommodate her,” said Allee, noting county commissioners allowed fellow workers to donate to San Miguel 200 hours of their sick leave, which expired last week.

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