Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh Christ! Won't somebody please put her in jail

I would have so thrown the book at her for this nonsense.

Lindsay Lohan made bail, won’t be arrested & she could come home today
From Celebitchy:

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers managed to pay 10% of her $100,000 bail, so Lindsay will not be met by the cops as soon as she steps crack-foot on Los Angeles County soil. That was enough for the judge to recall the warrant out on Lindsay. So… not Lohan in handcuffs. Yet. Because I think it is coming at some point, at least I hope so. Meanwhile, Lindsay is still in Cannes, partying her ass off - TMZ has photos here. Although - some sources have Lindsay coming back to LA as early as today, touchdown in LA at some point early evening. Who knows?
Lindsay Lohan will not be in handcuffs just yet. The actress has posted the standard 10% of her bail, leading the judge to recall the warrant she placed on the actress Thursday morning, has learned.
Earlier in the day, Judge Marsha Revel was incensed by the actress’ absence in court, issuing an arrest warrant and setting a bail for $100,000. Lohan’s team paid $10,000 to cover the bond.
“I warned her before, she knew it was very serious,” Judge Revel said before issuing an arrest warrant.
Revel also ordered Lohan to wear a SCRAM bracelet to detect alcohol use (which the judge banned) and mandated that Lohan submit to random drug testing.
“She has been late to court before,” a frustrated Revel said as the proceeding unfolded. She also pointed out that Lindsay “had two charges of being under the influence of cocaine.”
Her dad Michael Lohan spoke to exclusively after the hearing. “I’m fed up with her lies, I’m fed up with her denial,” Michael said.
“To say her passport was stolen, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back “She’s gonna get the book thrown at her.”
Michael believes too many people in Lindsay’s life are enabling destructive behavior. “I think she’s in denial. I think she’s overlooking what the root of the problem really is,” Michael added. “It’s heartbreaking.”
[From Radar]

God, I wanted her in jail. There should be a higher cost to standing up a judge and lying to everyone about your “stolen” passport. Oh, and in case you missed yesterday’s update, Lindsay is claiming that her father arranged for her passport to be stolen while she was in Cannes. Even though she never reported it stolen or applied for a temp passport when she said she did. Anyway, Michael’s lawyer told E! News: “He doesn’t know anything about her passport.” Oh, right, sure! Way to call your ccrackhead daughter out on her narcissistic, delusional lies.

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