Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Now that is some nerve.

"Hey!  The beer I stole isn't cold enough.  Give me some cold beer!"

Clarksville Man Steals Beer, Says They Weren't Cold Enough

After reportedly stealing beer from a gas station on the Bypass, a man brought the drinks back minutes later and attempted to exchange the stolen beers because they weren't cold enough.

A clerk told police that she went into the back of the store while re-stocking the beer, and when she returned a few cases were missing, according to a Montgomery County Sheriff’s report.

At that point, the man — who appeared drunk, the clerk said — came in with the warm beer and asked to
exchange it.

When the clerk asked if he’d paid for the beer, he grew “anxious,” the report said, asked for directions to Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and left.