Friday, January 25, 2013

Possibly the most-hated teenager in San Antonio this morning

This is a family's worst nightmare.

A beautiful afternoon, a clear blue sky, warm temperatures, and so you let your child go outside to play.

He's a good boy, he listens to everything you've told him, your warnings to not ride in the street, to ride on the sidewalk, to keep an eye out, and it's all for naught.

Because some 17-year old kid, without even a driver's license, gets drunk, gets into a pick-up truck and drives off, talking on his cell phone.  At some point he claims to have dropped it so what does he do?  Does he stop?  Does he stop to bend over and get it?

No, of course not.

So he drives up on the sidewalk and takes out your child killing him.

Your love, your hopes, your dreams and hopes for him shattered like a dropped glass by the selfish actions of a drunk teenager.  Too young to drink, not even licensed to drive.

Welcome to Bexar County and the nightmare of drunk driving.

My condolences to the family and prayers that they receive solace and comfort in this time of tragedy.

Boy on sidewalk dead after getting struck by distracted driver

By Michelle Casady - Express-News

A 7-year-old boy who was riding his bike on the sidewalk in a far Northwest Side neighborhood Thursday evening was struck by a distracted, possibly intoxicated driver and died en route to the hospital, police said.

The driver of the Ford Ranger, a 17-year-old boy, doesn't have a license and faces a charge of intoxication manslaughter, police said.

Sgt. Daniel Gonzalez said the driver told police he dropped his cellphone and was reaching to pick it up as he drove down the 9300 block of Autumn Sunrise when he drove onto the sidewalk and struck the boy.

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