Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rolling the dice

Its a big, no huge risk, to walk away from a ten year deal to a 5 to 99 years, or life, exposure.

Would he have probably gotten probation on the original ten year deal?

I would have thought he probably would.

Tis a big gamble he's taking.

Ex-cop indicted in fatal wreck
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

A former San Antonio police officer involved in a high-speed wreck last year that killed a colleague has been indicted on manslaughter and aggravated assault charges.

David Seaton, 44, could face up to life in prison if convicted of either of the felony offenses — a stark contrast to the maximum 10-year sentence he faced last month before rescinding a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Seaton rescinded his no contest plea Nov. 12, the day he was scheduled to be sentenced on the manslaughter charge in connection with Officer Robert Davis' death.

State District Judge Sid Harle granted Seaton's last-minute request to back out of the plea agreement, saying he would allow it because the former officer's case had not yet been reviewed by a grand jury.

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