Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're waiting for you

These folks will get caught soon.

Then our office will handle them.


Three New Braunfels restaurants burglarized


Burglars broke into and stole about $2,000 Sunday from the Freiheit Country Store at 2157 Farm-to-Market 1101, the third restaurant burglary in the city in the past week. Police are unsure if the burglaries are related.

This is the third time Freiheit has been broken into in the past four months, said owner Mike Reimmer.

Burglars broke a glass door and took the register, leaving the register’s monitor on the ground in the parking lot.

The first burglary took place, Reimmer said, four months ago, after he remodeled the store with a new bar and several flat screen televisions. Burglars stole all the TV sets, valued at almost $6,000, Reimmer said.

The second time, a couple months later, an alarm system thwarted the burglars, he said.

Reimmer is getting frustrated.

“I’ll give them my number, call me and I’ll meet you on the corner and give you some money for dope or whatever, as long as you stop breaking into my place,” Reimmer said.

The broken doors alone cost almost $5,000 to repair, he said, in addition to the cost of repairing damaged wiring.

There are no descriptions of the burglars, not even fingerprints, Reimmer said, because they seem to be wearing gloves.

Last week, burglars broke into two other local restaurants, Los Gallos and Adobe Verde.

Burglars broke into the Los Gallos restaurant off Loop 337 late Wednesday night by smashing a glass door. The burglar or burglars took about $200 from a cash register, according to police reports.

The next morning, burglars broke into the Adobe Verde restaurant off Hunter Road and stole beer, said NBPD spokesman Lt. Mike Penshorn.

In that case, the burglars pried open a back door to get inside.

Penshorn said businesses are mostly what burglars target at night, especially stores like Freiheit, which are on more remote roads with few lights and traffic.

The recent restaurant burglaries are still under investigation, he said.

Any connection is speculation, he said.

New Braunfels Police have been regularly watching the Freiheit Country Store at night, something that Reimmer describes as “wonderful,” but he said he thinks burglars might be aware of this and time their break-ins around surveillance.

“It’s just frustrating,” Reimmer said. “You try to do nice things for the community and these bums steal from you.”