Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish friends and readers.

Hey! Happy Hanukkah to all of you whatever your religion and beliefs.

Now go eat some latkes (potato pancakes) and play spin the dreidel.

Color-splashed school tradition
By Abe Levy - Express-News

About a dozen middle-schoolers at the Eleanor Kolitz Academy this week scurried to finish needlepoint crafts for Hanukkah, the festive Jewish holiday of lights, before the annual holiday starts at sundown today.

Oversized three-dimensional dreidels and Hebrew letters rested in their hands along with colorful spools of yarn. Some fashioned a matrix of international flags to the sides. Others emblazoned them with maps of Israel with blue and white themes. Others adapted Hebrew letters into facial expressions.

The needlepoint exercise is a 14-year tradition at the city's only independent Jewish day school, where 113 students from kindergarten to eighth grade attend. The custom is also a tangible way to respond to the annual challenge of Hanukkah for Jews to preserve their faith and way of life.

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The Dreidel Song sung by Incubus
Get your Dreidel on!