Monday, December 21, 2009

He what? Really? LMAO

What a moron.

Incompetent burglar badly bungles job

In Christchurch a bungling burglar has drawn attention to himself for all the wrong reasons.

Police allege 28-year-old Brett Kerr burgled a Prebbleton house, set it on fire and knocked himself out. The homeowner's son, Greg Kitson says Kerr may be the dumbest burglar on record.

Mr Kitson was amazed at how incompetent the burglar was, saying, “when it comes to burglary he's simply not a natural”.

Mr Kitson sped over to his parents' house after his wife noticed a fire in the kitchen. When he got there, he did not know who to call first. “We had a fire, we had a burglary and we had someone injured so it was like an all-play.”

He believes it all went wrong for Kerr when he tripped taking a drum set down a narrow spiral staircase, and apparently knocked himself out.

“This might be where he done himself in, then he thinks, 'Ah! It's a good time to get the plasma TV when I’m knocked out and totally out of it.'”

Bleeding profusely, it seems Kerr then set fire to the kitchen before deciding it was time for a lie-down.

The burglar’s actions puzzled Mr Kitson.
“Why would someone come in, light a fire, go upstairs and fall asleep?”

When the police arrived, Kerr had a pocketful of Malaysian banknotes.

Kitson says they were only worth a couple of dollars. “So I just said, ‘Oh look mate you can have that, you can count it in jail for the next 10 years.’”

The camera-shy Kerr is due back in court next month.