Monday, December 7, 2009


Why isn't our government doing more for these soldiers who are coming back and suffering from PTSD?

I mean that's all part of health-care isn't it?

War changes people but some are affected, obviously, more than others.

Particularly, as here, the signs here were pretty obvious.

Wife: Iraq war changed soldier accused in slayings

ALBANY, N.Y. — Relatives of a Fort Drum soldier accused of stabbing his two Army buddies to death said Thursday that he told them he saw his best friend "blown to pieces" in Iraq and came back a changed man: abusive, violent, sleepless, edgy and plagued by flashbacks.

Spc. Joshua Hunter, a military policeman, was expected to be arraigned on second-degree murder charges Friday morning, three days after the bodies of Waide James, 20, and Diego Valbuena, 23, were found in their apartment just outside Fort Drum, about 140 miles northwest of Albany. Hunter and the two victims served in Iraq at the same time in the same battalion.

They all were based at the wind-swept Army post near the Canadian border, home of the much-deployed 10th Mountain Division, and shared an off-base apartment.

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