Thursday, December 3, 2009

I bet he'll be hearing from friends and relatives he never knew he had


I mean sure he was injured, $70 million worth?? It was to punish the insurance companies I am sure who screwed with the fellow. That sure is a buncha bucks still.

I imagine it will get pared down a whole lot through the appellate process.

Hurt worker is awarded $70 million
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

A maintenance supervisor who fell with a chain saw while trimming trees at a San Antonio apartment complex six years ago was awarded what appears to be the largest amount of money in a verdict this year in Bexar County, $70 million, after suing the complex's insurance company.

A Bexar County jury this week found that Charles Tate suffered mental anguish when Discover Property & Casualty Insurance Company delayed paying him for his rehabilitative job training. The jury also found Tuesday that the Connecticut-based company, along with JI Specialty Services, which administered claims for Discover, knowingly engaged in an unfair and deceptive act.

On six occasions, the Texas Department of Insurance's workers' compensation division sided with Tate, who suffered severe neck and shoulder injuries that made manual labor impossible, said his attorney, Thomas Rhodes. The agency ruled that he had a right under the law to have the insurance company pay for him to be retrained as a real estate agent, a career he wanted to pursue.

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