Saturday, October 15, 2011

Something good coming out of Detroit?

An actual good idea to come out of detroit!

Did the ex-mayor of Detroit show up?

Detroit holds ex-con-only Jobs Fair
By Greg Wilson - NBC Chicago

The city of Detroit has high unemployment, and no one has a tougher time finding work than an ex-con.
So Detroit recently held a job fair strictly for ex-cons. More than 200 jobs were available, and no one who had not been convicted of a felony was eligible to attend.

"That group (ex-convicts) has difficulties finding jobs," City Council President Charles Pugh said in an interview with Detroit Public Radio. "A lot of times, folks who come out (of jail) and get roadblock after roadblock and door closed, they give up and some of them re-commit crimes because they feel that's their only option."

The "Offenders Only" fair was held at the East Lake Church. Violent offenders, sex offen

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