Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy the Court?

Go for it Big Shot.

Perhaps your clients might want deferred adjudications?  What will you say to them then?

What will you say to your Bar grievance committees when you're charged with malpractice and rendering ineffective assistance of counsel ?

Dismiss all charges or we will clog up courts, lawyers for Occupy Wall Street protesters say
By Melissa Grace - NY Daily News

Next up for protesters: Occupy the Courts.

Lawyers representing about 800 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in the past month demand that prosecutors drop the charges.

If not, they say they won't deal and will insist on going to trial - putting pressure on the already overloaded Manhattan criminal courts.

"I'd like to suggest to the DA's office the appropriate way to deal with these cases is outright dismissal," said defense lawyer Martin Stolar.