Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Got away with murder

Now he tells us.

Unless they can find something else to charge him with, like perhaps violating the deceased's civil rights?, he's still home free on the murder.

Acquitted suspect's confession means little
Burlington FreePress -

A central Vermont man who was acquitted of a murder charge in the fatal 2002 shooting of a co-worker outside a pizza restaurant in Waitsfield called police and confessed to the crime last month — but there’s nothing state authorities say they can do about it.

A Washington County jury in 2004 found Isaac Turnbaugh of Randolph not guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Declan Lyons, 24, of Montpelier as he stirred a pot of sauce outside the American Flatbread Co.

In July, Turnbaugh, now 28, called Randolph police and said he shot Lyons in the head with a rifle and wished to surrender to authorities, according to a sworn law-enforcement account of what happened.

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