Monday, August 15, 2011

Playing solitaire?

I'm am squeezing my eyes as hard as I can and still I cannot get a tear out.

Could it must be because of the drought?


'Baddest of the bad' lead solitary lives
'Baddest of the bad' in Texas prisons lead solitary lives.
By Dane Schiller - Houston Chronicle

MIDWAY — Behind the razor-wire-topped fences of Ferguson prison and other Texas penitentiaries are 5,205 inmates branded the baddest of the bad — dubbed so devious they are locked in one-man cells for 23 hours a day.

Lock down. Isolation. Administrative segregation.

Spread among 22 prisons, Texas has among the most inmates in so-called “ad-seg” of any state.
They have been deemed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to be “confirmed” members of gangs, too organized, predatory and violent to mix with the 150,000 prisoners in general populations.