Monday, January 3, 2011

Inherit the winfall

I guess crime may pay in this instance.

I don't see how the funds would be prevented from him receiving them when he gets out.

On a brighter note, he'll probably kill himself by overdosing when he buys up a bunch of heroin when he gets out.

Murderer to inherit fortune - from victim
By Kieran Crowley - NY Post

Proving that crime can pay, a convicted killer is set to inherit a quarter-million dollars from his victim.

Heroin addict Brandon Palladino, 24, will be living in the lap of luxury when he's sprung from jail, where he's serving time for killing his mother-in-law -- an outcome that has the victim's family fuming.

"It's not justice. I don't understand how he can profit from a crime," said a tearful Donna Larsen, the sister of the woman Palladino killed in 2008, Dianne Edwards. "He's going to come out of jail in his 40s with hundreds of thousands of dollars."