Monday, January 24, 2011

Ex-jailer under investigation

If this was unwarranted then she should face charges.

Wearing a badge does not give you a free license to assault folks, even prisoners.

Ex-Bexar County Jailer faces FBI Investigation
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News

A female Bexar County Jail guard fired for excessive use of force is now the subject of a federal inquiry following allegations that she beat two inmates, resulting in surgery for one of the men, authorities confirmed.

Nicole Bratcher, 38, was dismissed on Oct. 14. A Sheriff's Office internal affairs investigation launched months earlier concluded she used excessive force against inmate Johnny Davis when escorting him to a medical unit, Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz said in a recent interview.

The 11-year-veteran was fired as a result of the Davis investigation, but the Sheriff's Office is also investigating allegations made by inmate Shawn Gortman, 22, who was jailed around the same time as Davis, Ortiz said.

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