Friday, January 28, 2011

Laying off teachers should be the last resort in my opinion

Hey Superintendent Middleton.

How about cutting back on non-teaching administrative positions and the like first?

How about cutting back on non-teaching essentials?  How about about you and many other administrators in NEISD take a pay cut to save teacher positions?

Instead of cutting these new teachers, many who've just started out in their careers and have student loans and young families; why not explore offering early-retirement options to some older staff?

NEISD explores cutting 500 new teachers
New and newly hired teachers would be notified in April.
By Jennifer R. Lloyd - Express-News

North East Independent School District administrators and board members discussed a last-resort option to cut expenses Thursday night — terminating about 500 “probationary” teachers after this school year.

Probationary teachers in general are those who are new to the profession or newly hired.

If North East decides to notify them in April that they will not have a job next year, it would be done in the hopes of hiring them back after the education budget is finalized by the Texas Legislature, North East Superintendent Richard Middleton said.

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