Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hanging in the balance

Will the jury find her story believable and be empathetic?

Or will they believe they should send a strong message to those out there who drink, mix prescription pills with their drinking and then go out driving?

The answer will set some precedence; either you are excused because you voluntarily drank and took prescription meds or you are not excused because you mixed the meds and drinking voluntarily.

Defense blames wreck on Ambien
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

On the morning after Julie Ann Bronson added two Ambien sleep pills to a stomach full of wine and crawled into bed, she awoke shivering on the cold concrete floor of a jail cell — barefoot, still in her sleep clothes, her ankles cuffed, and completely confused and terrified, she said.

“Why am I here? What did I do? What's going on?” Bronson asked a cellmate in a panic, according to her testimony Monday at her punishment trial for intoxication assault and failure to stop and render aid after an April 23, 2009, car wreck in which she ran over three people in their yard, inflicting severe brain damage on 18-month-old Ava Lopez, who was with her mother as she did yard work.

“A lady told me I'd assaulted a woman and a child,” Bronson said, explaining that she took that to mean she'd somehow been in a fight. “I'd never hit anyone in my life. It was surreal. It was like a bad dream.”