Friday, July 2, 2010

A win-win situation for LeBron

$1,000,000,000 !!

One Billion dollars or as the Brits would say One Thousand Million dollars.

That's a whole lotta moolah for throwing a ball through a hoop.  That's just crazy money!

Even invested poorly with a 5% interest rate still would net you $50,000,000.00 a year.

I wonder if he needs an appellate prosecutor on retainer?  Okay just kidding.

Leave Cleveland for New York and make a Billion bucks?  Why isn't he packed yet?

What The Knicks Just Told LeBron: Come To New York And Make $1 Billion
By Steven Bertoni - Forbes. 

The Knicks just finished pitching LeBron James. Their main selling point: You could make a billion dollars playing in New York. You can't earn anything close to that anywhere else.

To make the case, they commissioned a study from marketing consultant Interbrand that says LeBron could earn close to $1 billion over his lifetime in salary and endorsements if he makes Madison Square Garden his permanent home--their high-end estimate sees him earning as much as $2 billion. That outshines the estimated $700 million he’d likely earn in Cleveland, the $690 million in Chicago, and $600 million in Miami.

It’s a crafty attack that goes right after their rivals' best case for nabbing LeBron: that his brand is so internationally recognizable, where he plays has little influence on his overall earnings. In fact, the same study claims that any generic free agent could see his lifetime earnings jump 30% by signing with the Knicks.