Monday, July 5, 2010

Scammers in Kerrville area

This is just reprehensible.

Stealing from the most vulnerable members of society.  There should be a special place in Hell for the folks who do this.

Scam targets seniors

A scam targeting the elderly is making rounds through Kerrville.

According to Tina Woods, executive director at the Dietert Center, at least two seniors who receive food from the Meals on Wheels program have been contacted by someone who asked if they participate in the program.

Then they tell the seniors they owe a large sum of money for participating in the Meals on Wheels program and ask for personal information to pay by phone.

“This was first brought to our attention by the daughter of one of the ladies who received the call,” Woods said. “She had caller ID, and the area code was a 703 (Virginia) number. Our concern is that we have lots of folks in the Meals on Wheels program.”

Woods said the Dietert Center never participates in phone solicitations.

“We are horrified that somebody is using Meals on Wheels as a way to get personal information,” Woods said.

According to Kerrville Police Department Sgt. Mary Krebs, nobody has complained about the scam yet.

Krebs said residents never should give information such as bank account or credit card numbers over the phone.

Seniors are advised to ask the individual calling for a telephone number where they can be called back.

If they provide you with a call-back number, contact the KPD at 257-8181, and ask to speak to an officer to file an information report.