Thursday, July 8, 2010

Justice was served

Having acquitted the defendant of the capital murder offense and finding him guilty of the lesser-included offense of injury to a child, recklessly, a second-degree felony; the defendant was facing a range of punishment from 2 to 20 years in prison. 

The jury could also, if it sentenced him to 10 years or less also granted him probation.

They did not and sentenced him to the maximum allowable of twenty years.  Since their was also an affirmative finding of the use of a deadly weapon the defendant is not eligible for parole until he has completed 1/2 of his sentence.  Which, of course, is ten years. 

Eligibility does not guarantee parole.

Congratulations to Guadalupe County D.A. Heather Hollub and her office for seeking and securing justice in this matter.

Man gets 20 years in baby's death
By Vincent T. Davis - Express-News

SEGUIN — A Guadalupe County district court jury sentenced Michael League to 20 years in prison Wednesday for the death of his former girlfriend's 27-day-old baby more than three years ago.

The jury convicted League, 34, of reckless injury to a child using a deadly weapon after deliberating more than 8 hours Tuesday.

It was one of three charges he'd faced, including capital murder and injury to a child by criminal negligence.

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