Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ice is nice

I do not find this story to be real credible.

I mean I can understand how the officer explained to her that she could get deported etc.  I doubt that he threatened her with deportation.

I can understand how she could misinterpret his statements especially if she were nervous because she was stopped without a license, proof of insurance and expired tags.

Woman claims city cop threatened to deport her
By Eva Ruth Moravec and Peter J. Holley - Express-News

The City of Shavano Park is investigating one of its police officers after a woman claimed the officer pulled her over for an expired registration sticker and threatened to have her deported.

City Manager Manuel Longoria Jr. said they launched the informal review after a phone call from a local news radio station.

“Our preliminary investigation reveals that we don't see anything out of the ordinary,” Longoria said. “We got a third-party complaint, so we started to investigate it, but under our procedures, she has a right to file a complaint with the city if she wants to.”

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