Friday, July 2, 2010

Exercise your fundamental rights and continue to read Man o' Law

Is your reading this blog a fundamental legal right?

Of course I would think so. (smile)

Finland makes broadband a 'legal right'
Finland has become the first country in the world to make broadband a legal right for every citizen.
BBC News -

From 1 July every Finn will have the right to access to a 1Mbps (megabit per second) broadband connection.
Finland has vowed to connect everyone to a 100Mbps connection by 2015.

In the UK the government has promised a minimum connection of at least 2Mbps to all homes by 2012 but has stopped short of enshrining this as a right in law.

The Finnish deal means that from 1 July all telecommunications companies will be obliged to provide all residents with broadband lines that can run at a minimum 1Mbps speed.

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