Thursday, July 1, 2010

Its the Apocalypse or something

Wow is this a bizarre summer or what?  Its like the start of a Steven King or Dean Koontz novel.

First, we have vampire and leprechaun sightings in Colorado.

Then we have beach umbrellas flying through the air impaling folks.

Next thing you know there'll be an unstoppable oil blowout and hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.....WAIT!!


Woman impaled by 'flying umbrella'

OCEAN CITY, Md. - A trip to the beach ended with a trip to the hospital for a woman Monday afternoon.

It happened in Ocean City near the 48th street beach just after 3pm.

According to the beach patrol a strong gust of wind picked the umbrella up out of the ground and when it came down it ended up stabbing the woman in the leg.

Video from shows the victim being treated by EMT's and beach patrol. Crews had to saw off part of the umbrella to take the woman to an area hospital.

Authorities say she was in good spirits and is expected to be okay.